2013-2014 Calendar Math 8

I will be adding to this page as we go, and this schedule is definitely not set in stone.

Math 8

Weekly Quizzes on Thursdays or Fridays!

2nd Semester

March (17-21)

Monday: Radicals- Exact vs Approximate

Tuesday:  Finding Distances on Graphs

Wednesday: Distance Formula

Thursday: Volume of Round Solids

Friday: Stations Review (including Pythagorean Theorem Story Problems)

March (24-28)

Monday: Quiz Review

Tuesday: Unit Assessment 

Wednesday: Track my Progress (Test Analysis), Finding Dimensions

Thursday: Measures of Center & Probability Solving w/Mean

Friday: Histograms (posters)

March 31- April 4

Monday: Stem-and-Leaf Plots

Tuesday: Data Displays ACE

Wednesday: Five-Number Summary


—–1st Semester


Day 1- What are Functions?

Day 2- Evaluating Functions

Day 3- Independent and Dependent Variables (short intro to unit rates)

Day 4- Unit Rates

Day 5- Recap, Review Unit rates and Functions, Quiz 1

Day 6- Linear Relationships

Day 7- Linear Relationships (multiple perspectives)

Day 8- From Equations to Tables

Day 9- From Equations to Graphs

Day 10- Graphing Equations, Quiz 2
Day 11 Graphing Fractional Slopes

Day 12 Horizontal & Vertical Lines

Day 13 Solving Problems with Equations

Day 14- Starting with Equations

Day 15- Story Problems with Equations, Quiz 3





Geometry (Finished October 24)


Day 1 Positive & Negative Numbers (add, subtract, multiply, divide)

Day 2 Undo Tables

Day 3 Solving Algebra Equations (two-step equations)

Day 4 More Algebra Equations (x on both sides)

Day 5 Combining Like Terms

Day 6 Equations with Fractions

Day 7 More Algebra Practice

Day 8 Algebra Levels

Day 9 Quiz 1 Prep

Day 10 Quiz 1

Day 11 Undoing Fractions in Equations

Day 12 How Many Solutions?

Day 13 Distributing Negatives

Day 14 Mixed Distributive Property Practice

Day 15 Algebra Review

Day 16 Introduction to Inequalities

Day 17 Exploring Inequalities

Day 18 Solving Inequalities

Day 19 More on Inequalities

Day 20 Quiz 2 Review

Day 21 Quiz 2, Unit Reflection


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