Math 8_October 30

Today we…

* Explored algebra topics of problem solving!

* Used inverse operations to solve algebra equations

* Were dazzled by “Solve me Maybe”


Here was our warm up and example problems

And the new vocabulary word…

Don’t forget…

And because you know you want to watch it again 🙂

Here are the equations we created on the classwork

Incase you need some additional explanation…


HOMEWORK: Oct 30_Solving Algebra Equations


Math 8_October 29

Happy Hippie Day!

Today we…

* Solved multi-step equations using Undo Tables

* Presented our solutions and method in front of the class on the doc-cam

Here was our warm up and first example problem

And the second example

Here is a youtube clip to explain the Undo Tables a bit more…

Homework: UndoTables

Only do pages 2-3 🙂

Tomorrow is Sports Day! (and early release)

Math 6_ October 29

Happy Hippie Day!

Today in 1st period we….

* Finished MAP testing

* Worked on comparing and ordering decimals

In periods 2-4 we…

* Began adding and subtracting decimals

* Cracked some codes with decimals


Yesterday we…

Today our learning target…

And an example problem…

Remember to line up the decimals add/subtract and then put it in the same place (same number of digits behind) for the sum or difference.

Homework: (Periods 2-4) Due Thursday Oct_29 Add subtract decimals HW

Remember tomorrow is SPORTS DAY!

Early Release 🙂 

Math 6_ October 22

Today we…

* Worked on representing division of fractions with models and equations.

* Were stranded on a desert island…

* Got saved by a cruise ship! (and earned our keep by solving problems)

Here was our warm up problem

Then we worked on some desert island problems…

There was some confusion, and people seemed to silently ask

So let’s clear some of this up. Dividing a fraction by a whole…

And… dividing a fraction by a fraction.

I hope that helps!

Here are some videos that might be helpful.

HOMEWORK: Finish the dessert island problems. (worksheet)

Here is a completed view of YESTERDAY’s homework:

Math 6_ October 21

Today we…

* Represented Division of Mixed numbers with models and equations!

* Practiced describing our mathematical processes by presenting problems on the document camera

Here is our warm up problem and class notes:

Remember from Friday (I didn’t post)

We described the Division Algorithm today

And when we model…

Remember we don’t want to divide our friends! We divide the pizza!

Homework: Challenge problem #2 on the worksheet (Picture below)


Riddle of the week! (bring an answer to my classroom for candy!)

You are standing outside of a room. The door to the room is closed. Inside the room is a light bulb. Outside of the room there are 3 light switches. One turns on the bulb, the other two are useless. You can turn the switches on and off as many times as you like, but you can only enter the room once to check. You cannot see underneath the door or through a keyhole. The only way to see inside the room is by opening the door.

How can you figure out which switch turns on the light bulb?

Math 6_ October 16

Today we unraveled a mystery!

* We finally determine the division algorithm!!!

Warm up:

The answer to the first one: 12

Second quotient: 1/12

Our Classwork included:

Remember our vocabulary!

Now you know!

No homework today, but Thursday’s homework should be easy-breezy with this new algorithm!!