Math 6_ October 1

Happy October! 

Today in class we…

* Worked on story problems to find “part of a part”, this means we multiplied fractions.

* Talked about reducing a recipe by multiplying the ingredients by a fraction (1/3).

 Learning Target



Warm up problem (pg 37 of Bits II)


If you are wondering how to do multiplication of fractions using “The Distributive Property” ,

here is an example partially worked out.




* If you didn’t finish the baking problems in class, then that worksheet is due tomorrow Oct 2.

Baking with Fractions Doc

* If you finished and I gave you some challenge problems, those are due Oct 2 as well!

Oct 1_ Challenge Problems

See you tomorrow!


Anyone who can answer this riddle can come to class and get candy… 🙂

Three mathematicians are applying for a job. There are five hats, three white, two black. They’re lined up, and a hat is placed on each. The first person in line cannot see any hat; the second in line sees only the hat of the person in front of him; the third person sees only the hats of the two people in front of her. The first person to correctly figure out what color hat he has gets the job; you guess wrong and you are killed. Assume these are INTELLIGENT mathematicians, and that they will do the logically correct thing at each stage — if something can be deduced, they will figure it out. After a long pause, the first person, who cannot see any hats, says he knows the color of his hat. What is the color, and how does he know?




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