Math 6_ October 2

Today we…

* Reviewed multiplication of mixed numbers and “Lattice Models”

* Discussed how multiplying by a number between 0 and 1 will result in a smaller product.

* Took a quiz

Here are our class notes

IMG_20131002_132625 (1)


(Period 1: we will write down this “rule” on Friday)


HOMEWORK: Bits & Pieces II pg 41 (all problems)

Remember: Map Testing Oct 3rd and 4th. Still in my room, we get laptops!



Riddle is still open! Come to class with the answer for your prize!

Three mathematicians are applying for a job. There are five hats, three white, two black. They’re lined up, and a hat is placed on each. The first person in line cannot see any hat; the second in line sees only the hat of the person in front of him; the third person sees only the hats of the two people in front of her. The first person to correctly figure out what color hat he has gets the job; you guess wrong and you are killed. Assume these are INTELLIGENT mathematicians, and that they will do the logically correct thing at each stage — if something can be deduced, they will figure it out. After a long pause, the first person, who cannot see any hats, says he knows the color of his hat. What is the color, and how does he know?


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