Math 6_ October 8

Today we…

* Fluently multiplied fractions!

* Did a stations activity where each table had different types of problems.

* Completed an exit ticket on different types of fraction multiplication.

Here was our warm up:

And here is and example of the work you could have done for the 1st problem:

Basically, we look for “common factors” and divide them out.

Here is a worksheet if you want more practice: multiplying_mixed_numbers


See you tomorrow!


RIDDLE TIME!! Come to class with the answer written out to claim your prize!

“You have 12 coins, one weighs slightly less or slightly more than the others. Using an equal arm balance and only making three weighings determine which one is different and whether it is slightly less or slightly more. Warning: the fact that you don’t know whether it is less or more is a major problem in the solution.”


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