Math 8_ October 8

Today we…

* Used relationships of angles, parallel lines, transversals, and triangles to determine missing angles measures.

* Defined new vocabulary

* Discussed a bit about the origin of geometry (Those nerdyy Egyptians and Babylonians)

These concepts can be tough because we don’t always…

at first.

So we will need to practice “seeing it”.

Here was a homework problem we discussed:

And the warm up problem:

Remember, when you are looking at homework and see angles with 1 or 2 hash-marks, those hash-marks indicate which angles are congruent (have the same measure).

New Vocabulary!

HOMEWORK DUE tomorrow: EqualAngles pg 1 &3 (only pg 1 & 3)

Thanks for your hard work and participation today! See ya tomorrow!

(Come to class with the answer to this riddle to claim your prize)

You have 12 coins, one weighs slightly less or slightly more than the others. Using an equal arm balance and only making three weighings determine which one is different and whether it is slightly less or slightly more. Warning: the fact that you don’t know whether it is less or more is a major problem in the


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