Math 8_October 14

Today we…

* Reviewed finding angle measures

* Rehearsed using proper mathematical vocabulary when justifying our answers

* Began our Geometry Maps!

Our learning target:

I will use appropriate vocabulary to describe angles and why they are congruent.

Part of the warm up:

Our group project!!! City Maps: Geometry City Map

Today our goals were to:

I’m excited to see what you and your group can do with this!

HOMEWORK (just page 3) UsingGeoVocab



Riddle! Come to class with an answer to collect your chocolatey prize : )

One day your minimalist friend is visiting, and she presents you with the numbers 2, 3, 4 and 5, and the symbols = and +, and the following tantalizing challenge:  It is possible to use each number and symbol once and only once and end up with a true equation; further, you cannot use any number or symbol not given. How can you do this?


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