Math 6_ October 21

Today we…

* Represented Division of Mixed numbers with models and equations!

* Practiced describing our mathematical processes by presenting problems on the document camera

Here is our warm up problem and class notes:

Remember from Friday (I didn’t post)

We described the Division Algorithm today

And when we model…

Remember we don’t want to divide our friends! We divide the pizza!

Homework: Challenge problem #2 on the worksheet (Picture below)


Riddle of the week! (bring an answer to my classroom for candy!)

You are standing outside of a room. The door to the room is closed. Inside the room is a light bulb. Outside of the room there are 3 light switches. One turns on the bulb, the other two are useless. You can turn the switches on and off as many times as you like, but you can only enter the room once to check. You cannot see underneath the door or through a keyhole. The only way to see inside the room is by opening the door.

How can you figure out which switch turns on the light bulb?


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