Math 6_November 20

Today we…

* Explored patterns of dividing by decimal numbers with calculators

* Divided by decimal numbers! 

Our warm up

Our class work: Nov 20_division CW2 Nov 20_division CW1

The video we watched to help remember our operations!

And homework due tomorrow: Nov 20_ Division HW 


Math 8_November 20

Today we…

* Reviewed equations with fractions as coefficients

* Had an introduction to inequalities!

* Discussed logic as we debated opposites of inequalities

Here was our warm up problem

Then we looked at inequalities!

If you are wanting another explanation…

Another example you ask?? With pleasure…

Which symbols are opposites?

Still feeling a bit cloudy on this? Here is a great website with some explanations.

And the home work due tomorrow: Nov 20_Inequalities HW

See you tomorrow!


If all girls are blonde,

and Emma is a girl,

does it make logical sense that Emma is blonde?

if we know Emma is a blonde, is she necessarily a girl?

Math 6_November 19

Today we…

* Divided decimals by decimals!

here was our warm up:

So when we divide by decimals, we can change the divisor into a whole number (multiply by 10 or 100 or 1000), and if we change the dividend by the same factor, the quotient will be the same!

Here is a video to explain

So we move the decimal of the divisor first! Then do the same to the dividend.

Here is our home work Nov 19_Dividing Decimals by Decimals HW (remember density is mass divided by volume)! If it gets too long, stop at the thousandths.

Math 8_November 19

Today we…

* Discussed the number of solutions of a linear equation

* Determined the value of x when the coefficient is a fraction!

Here was our warm up

Basically, if we want to get rid of the fraction, multiply both sides by the denominator.

Here is one of the home work problems (slightly more difficult) worked out for you to see.

Remember there are always three options

1) No solutions (when things like 12= 3 happen… because it can’t)

2) Infinite solutions! (when things like 3=3 happen or x=x since this will always be true)

3) One solution (when you solve and get a specific value for x)

Home work due tomorrow (11-20-13): Nov 19_Linear equations with fractionsHW

A video for another explanation!

See ya tomorrow!

Math 8_November 18

Today we…

* Determined the number of solutions in a linear equation

* Began working on instructional posters for solving algebraic equations

Our warm up

The first problem worked out in detail…

We learned that there are three possible situations for linear equations…

We will finish our posters tomorrow and begin solving some equations with fractions (slightly different than the equations we were solving before).

HOMEWORK: HowManySolutions Just pg 2! DUE Tuesday (11-19-13)

Math 6_November 18

Happy Monday!

Today we…

* Divided Decimals by whole numbers!

* Watched an awesome video to help us remember long division.

* Solved problems with some familiar names…in groups 🙂

Here was the warm up:


And an example of long division with decimals…

And our wonderfully inspiring video…you know you loved it!


See you tomorrow!