Math 6_ Winter Break

Happy Winter break!

Bored yet?

Here are the last few homework assignments that you may have missed:

Dec 4_ Rates and Ratio HW

Dec_16 Rate_Percent (Dec_16 Rate_Percent problems solving)

Math Face Decimals (Adding subtracting decimals)

Math Face (2nd) (Mixed operations)

Percent Math Face

Blank Math Face

Worksheet 2d

Dec_4 Meaning of Percent

Here is the Winter Break Review Packet:

Winter Break Study Packet

Having troubles? Go to to find some good videos!

Riddle (if you come on January 6 with the answer… there may be a prize!)

There are three boxes. One has apples, one has oranges and the other has apples and oranges. The boxes are labeled wrong so that no label is correct. Sue opens just one box, and without looking in the box, takes out one piece of fruit. She looks at the fruit and immediately labels all the boxes correctly. Which box did she open and how did she know?


Math 8_December 18

Today we…

* Studied/Reviewed for our Test tomorrow!

Here are some helpful video examples of the concepts that will be covered in the test:


Linear Equations

Determining equations

Study your journal!

Math 8_ December 16

Today we…

* Graphed Vertical and Horizontal Lines

* Graphed Linear Equations with Fractional Slopes

* Internally “rocked-out” to Ms. Becker’s jamming youtube vidoes

(I know you love them!)

Our warm up and class notes

So remember

x= … is a vertical line!

y= … is a horizontal line!

Video example?

Homework: (Only page 3) HorizVertLines (DUE WEDNESDAY)

Other news…

We voted to have the unit test on Thursday! yay

T-minus 4 days until break!


Math 8_December 12

Today we…

* Graphed linear equations with fractional slopes

* Reviewed concepts like y-intercept and slope

* Watched another fabulous video to help us remember that slope is rise over run!

(my phone is being tricksy today and won’t let me upload photos)

So until then,

here are some videos about graphing linear equations

And here is the way to remember what slope is!

No homework today!

See you tomorrow!