March_24 Math 6

Today we learned about the Associative and Commutative Properties of Multiplication and Addition. To do this, we needed to create superheroes with these mathemagical powers.

Here are a few that were created…

The homework is to finish the classwork that we started (packet). I will post it tomorrow or you can pick up another copy in our orange HW bin in class.

Here is the website we viewed for the properties:

See you tomorrow!


March 21_Math 6

Today we began working on Order of Operations

Here is the homework due on Monday (we turn it in on Fridays): March_21 Order of Operations (just do the first page!)

Also, here is a video about how to use the correct order:

Have a great weekend!


March 17, 18_ Math 6

These last two days we have prepped for and taken the UNIT ASSESSMENT

The learning targets of this assessment were:

  • I can recognize two-dimensional representations of three-dimensional figures
  • I can describe/sort prisms and pyramids by their attributes
  • I can determine the surface area of rectangular prisms using appropriate formulas
  • I can determine the volume of rectangular prisms using appropriate formulas
  • I can determine the surface area of a pyramid

The homework over the weekend was to complete/redo the pre-test as practice for the unit assessment. I have attached it here: Filling and Wrapping Pre_Test Review

The homework Due March 18 was to review the quiz given on Friday and correct any mistakes. Here is a blank copy of the quiz: week 5 evidence fw

There was no homework given tonight.

See you tomorrow!