June_ 6 Math 6

Measures of Center!

Today in class we created the family tree for “Measures of Center”

Here is an example of the family

(double click) MOC

Our Homework due on Monday: June_6 Measures of Center CW_HW

Here is a site that explains some of the measures of center vocabulary words


A snapshot



Remember to use your notes on the homework!

Have a great weekend!


June_6 Math 8


This is some complex stuff, I’m very proud of what we have accomplished so far!

This is the homework on “Elimination” due Monday:

June_6 Solving Systems of Equations by Elimination HW

A short video on solving systems of equations this way:

If you are still feeling a little rocky about “Substitution” here is a video on that

This link has some great step by step examples


We will be working on solving by graphing equations next week, along with several presentations by you and your partners on solving some story problems.

(the A-mazing video we were inspired by in class)

Have a great weekend!