May 9_Math 6

Today we continued to work on a project I’m calling:

“I can teach a 4th grader!” where students are working on creating their own lesson plans to teach a struggling 4th grade student how to solve different kinds of problems with fractions.

Today students completed their lesson plans and began to make a poster to display all of their work.

On Monday we will complete the posters (I will be sure to post them!) and then teach mini lessons to other classmates. In the future, I would love to see if we could get some visitors (4th grade-adults) to come be taught by these fantastic 6th grade students!

Here is the homework due Monday: May_9 HW

Here is a video about fractions (I find these on so feel free to look up better ones!)

Have a great weekend!




Math 6_December 13

Today we…

* Reviewed how to find the percent of a number

* Played Ratio/Rates/Percent Jeopardy!

* Took a short quiz

Remember to find a percent…

convert the percent into a decimal or fraction

New Image


(See yesterday’s videos for examples)

Homework: Percent Math Face Blank Math Face

Math 8_December 12

Today we…

* Graphed linear equations with fractional slopes

* Reviewed concepts like y-intercept and slope

* Watched another fabulous video to help us remember that slope is rise over run!

(my phone is being tricksy today and won’t let me upload photos)

So until then,

here are some videos about graphing linear equations

And here is the way to remember what slope is!

No homework today!

See you tomorrow!