Math 8_January 27

Today we…

*Discussed Compound Events

*Read an ancient fable of probability

Our warm up

Check out the Ancient story:

Having trouble with homework?

Homework: CompoundEvents



Math 8_January 27

Today we…

* Used the Counting Principle to determine the total number of outcomes of an event

* Attempted…and failed in playing Numbered Heads… so sad

Our warm up and examples (power point): TheCountingPrinciple-PowerPoint

The website with our game questions (practice):


Want some examples?



Homework due tomorrow: MoreWithTheCountingPrinc

Math 6_January 13

Today we…

*Determined the theoretical probability of events and their complements

*Analyzed our quiz results to determine the necessary homework assignment


You chose (based on  your quiz results):

* Practice: pg 29 #3,4

* Challenge: pg 34 #29,30

Our warm up

If you selected: “watch a video” as extra practice, here is one on probability

Math 8_ January 9

Today we…

* Analyzed graphs to determine if they represented linear function, functions, or non functions.

* Discussed the “Vertical Lines Test”

* Took a “check-in” quiz on the remaining three learning targets about linear equations and relationships.

Our warm up:

Remember a function is a relationship where for each input there is only one output!

Here is a video on the subject

Homework: Finish the classwork packet