Grade Info


Here is an explanation of the grading system in my math class:

The academic grade is based on unit quizzes/tests (summative assessments): what students know and can do at a particular moment in time. By the end of each quarter, students will have made progress towards meeting (or exceeding) Math Washington State Standards.

Here is the breakdown: 20% weekly quizzes, 80% unit tests

In order to qualify for any quiz or test retake, students need to have completed and turned in all of the associated homework assignments for that quiz/test.

Rubric Score               (code)  Rubric Explanation

4: Exceeding Standard                 (ES)        Percent Equivalent: 100%

Student demonstrates deep understanding of the concept addressed by the standard.

Meeting Standard Plus            (MSP)       Percent Equivalent: 93%

3: Meeting Standard                     (MS)       Percent Equivalent: 88%

Student demonstrates proficiency by showing mastery of the standard.

Approaching Standard Plus    (ASP)       Percent Equivalent: 80%

2: Approaching Standard              (AS)       Percent Equivalent: 75%

Student demonstrates partial proficiency of the standard.

Beginning Standard Plus           (BSP)     Percent Equivalent: 70%

1: Beginning Standard                   (BS)      Percent Equivalent: 65%

Student demonstrates very limited proficiency of the standard.

0: No Evidence                             (NE)       Percent Equivalent: 50%

No knowledge shown.

(ab) absent

(NF) Not finished (50%)

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