May_23 Math 8

For the last three days we have been exploring “Two Way Tables” and “Two Way Frequency Tables”

Here are a few of the videos we’ve watched with very important vocabulary

And this is a helpful “relative frequency” video


Here are some homework assignments (we turned them in this week)

TwoWayTables RelativeFrequency

Also, if you’re curious…

Does hating math make you bad at it????

Check out this blog post- I found it interesting.



March_19 Math 8


So today we derived the distance formula using what we know about the Pythagorean Theorem

Here is a video of what we did…

And a video to help you remember the formula…

And the homework is page 3 of this attachment: DistanceFormula

Bring homework and questions to class tomorrow!

Math 6_February 6

Today we worked on finding the area of composite (compound) shapes.

We had to know how to find the area of parallelograms (base x height) and how to find the area of triangles (base x height divide by 2).

Hopefully those help a bit.

Our homework due Friday: Covering and Surrounding pg 67 #39


Math 8_January 27

Today we…

* Used the Counting Principle to determine the total number of outcomes of an event

* Attempted…and failed in playing Numbered Heads… so sad

Our warm up and examples (power point): TheCountingPrinciple-PowerPoint

The website with our game questions (practice):


Want some examples?



Homework due tomorrow: MoreWithTheCountingPrinc